Now What?

Now that you've made your latest handbag purchase, how do you care for it? What you cherish, you care for, so the same principle should apply to your handbag :).  Here are a few simple tips to help keep your latest looking its greatest.

1.  When not in use, store your handbag in a breathable dust bag.   Avoid storing it in a plastic bag which has a non-porous quality and can therefore make it an environment where mildew can grow.

2.  Avoid long term exposure to sunlight which can fade leather and store your handbag in a dry, cool room. 

3.  Genuine leather is a skin so it needs to be conditioned.  Visualize your skin when you don't moisturize it on a regular basis - it can become dry and flaky.  Leather is no different.  Use a conditioning product regularly to keep the leather moist and help retain its suppleness .  Be sure to spot test first as some conditioners can temporarily darken the leather.  Consult with your leather care specialist who will be able to recommend the best product to use on your handbag.

4.  Rotate, rotate, rotate!  Spread the love to your other handbags to prolong the life of your bag and minimize normal wear and tear.

5.  Stuff it!  When not in use, stuff acid free tissue paper in the bag body.  This will help to retain its shape.  Regular paper will become brittle and acidic over time so you want to avoid using this type of stuffing material. 

6.  But don't over stuff it ;)  Yes size does matter when it comes to your handbag. You should not stuff everything you own in a small cross-body for example.  It places stress on the components of the bag, not to mention it will not look as sharp had it been filled appropriately.

Do you have any additional tips on how you care for your handbag?  I'd love to hear!  Send me an email at and share your tips!