Born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada, Sneha Varma grew up in an entrepreneurial family.

Her father, an international business man of Indo-Mauritian decent operated his own company in the hospitality industry while her French-Canadian mother cared for Sneha and her two sisters on the home front. Her mother was the seamstress of the family, and would sew and make all of her own clothing. She taught her daughters about fabrics and the importance of quality and well-tailored clothing throughout their childhoods. “I’ve been very passionate about fashion and accessories since a young age. At 13 years old, I would sit at the kitchen table with my sisters making denim cut offs. We would doodle designs on the shorts with a sharpie, fraying the hems and sewing on sequined patches. I was just so drawn to creating. In addition to that, I had such a sincere appreciation for the handbag. I've always viewed a well designed, well constructed handbag as a work of art.

Sneha went on to attend the University of Toronto with a concentration in Economics and eventually became a professional trained accountant. However, the connection to fashion never left her side. The feeling became too strong within and it was just a matter of time before the desire to express her point of view through an accessories label surfaced.

Throughout her adult life, Sneha could never define her style in a particular category. Sometimes she felt dark/moody, other times flirty/feminine. She observed that it was not just about an evolving style but rather that her mood also dictated how she dressed on any given day. It was on this premise that Sneha was inspired to create a handbag brand for the multi-faceted woman; a woman that does not believe in having her style confined to a particular category.  Thus, the SNEHA I VARMA handbag brand was born.

Sneha's vision is to create collections that contain an effortless appeal through the use of quality leathers and hardware, in order to compliment her customer's ever changing style and spark that excitement within her.

Since its inception, SNEHA I VARMA has been generating a buzz in the Canadian fashion scene. She has been featured in various blogs and magazine publications including ELLE Canada, FASHION and Flare, has participated in the Toronto International Film Festival and also gives back to various non for profit organizations such as Reach for the Rainbow and the Hawthorn School for Girls Foundation.